VLADIMIRA KRCKOVA (also known as VLAD.) is an independent singer, poet, bandleader, composer, producer, actress, director, dancer, choreographer and visual artist living in London, United Kingdom.

Ms Krckova was exposed to all kinds of music very early in life. Then, at the age of six, she started to study music theory and play the accordion and shortly afterwards the piano, too. Her studies of modern dance as well as participation in choirs made her dive very deeply into music in every possible ways, founding a great love for writing music but also experimenting as a choreographer.

At the age of 16, she was accepted to study musical and dramatic arts at the famous Conservatory in Brno, Czechia. Later on, in 2008, she was accepted to study at the New School, New York, but her battle with at that time misdiagnosed C-PTSD made her continue her studies and career path in Europe.

In 2004, she created her own one-woman show “Voice Monodrama” during an artist residency at Villa Decius in Krakow, Poland. In 2005, she participated as a lead singer on an album “Teba” of the Czech folk music group Cymbelin and performed at Colours of Ostrava, a major international music festival in the Czech Republic.

In 2008 (in Europe), she performed alongside Grammy-nominated pianist and composer John Serry Jr. In 2012, she composed, arranged and produced her album - influenced by jazz, contemporary and classical music - entitled “Go for a Rich Man”, that was named by leading Czech music critic Lubomir Doruzka “The most interesting music act of the last several years”. In 2015, she wrote, directed and produced her official music video “Your Aura on my Lips”, with creative audio post-production by Michael Riesman (music director of the Philip Glass Ensemble, arranger and conductor for David Bowie, Paul Simon and Martin Scorsese).

After finishing the filming of “Your Aura on My Lips”, Ms. Krckova moved to London to continue her career but shortly after relocating, she finally got a diagnose for her lifelong struggles (C-PTSD) and so decided to travel around the world and release all the memories and conditioning that were - at that point - preventing her from creating as well as living her life.

In 2016 (in Mexico City), she performed with the highly acclaimed Mexican piano player and composer Alex Mercado (named “The Best Mexican Jazz Musician” by Downbeat magazine) and also had her visual art in several exhibitions. As an actress, besides several Czech plays where she starred in lead or featured roles, she appeared in an award-winning Czech feature film “Pohadky pro Emu” (“Christmas for Ema”, 2017), alongside Ondrej Vetchy, a Czech film superstar. In London, Krckova performed her original music with a guitarist Robin Banerjee (Amy Winehouse).

Between the years 2018 and 2023, Ms Krckova focused fully on her healing and also accepted that she herself is a healer - a fact that she was rejecting since the age of 15, not knowing how serious the repercussions can be.

At the moment, Ms Krckova is fully recovered, healthy and focused on composing, arranging and producing: among other projects, her first international music-film project (UK/USA). The style is on the edge of pop-jazz-classical music. And besides acting and singing, Ms Krckova will direct again as well. She also fully returned to performing, singing in a duo with a guitarist Dave Ital (Chaka Khan, Tom Jones, Beyonce).