Vladimira Krckova funds her work herself or collaborates with private donors, patrons, sponsors and investors that completely and fully resonate with her mission that is expressed in her art and creation, as well as in her life.

You can commission a painting, a drawing, a piece of music, poetry or prose, a performance or any other artistic creation that is in the realm of Vladimira Krckova's talents (all subject to availability). Also please use the contact form in the section CONTACT on this website; for majority of music commissions and collaborations, you can also communicate via SoundBetter.
You can also request information about Vladimira Krckova's current and future projects - as well as projects of Ms Krckova's company ARTUSINKA ENTERTAINMENT LTD - their overall stage and their stage of funding and/or how you can get involved, should you feel inspired.

By clicking on Vladimira Krckova'a small portrait photography at the bottom of this page, you will be redirected to a DONATION PayPal PAGE of Vladimira Krckova's company ARTUSINKA ENTERTAINMENT LTD. Discussing all donations is recommended and if you wish to discuss possibilities of an investment, a partnership or a collaboration, please use a contact form in a section CONTACT on this website.

Please, think carefully before donating. Vladimira Krckova reserves the right to refund any donation she feels doesn't resonate with her art, her life, her mission or seems in any way suspicious. Donate, partner, collaborate or commission only if it makes your heart sing with overall and natural contentment, gratitude, care, well-being, and unconditional connection to the expression of life. 

Vladimira Krckova's personal statement:

In the world of art and original creation, overflow of funds is always necessary and vital, as it allows the artist(s) and creator(s) the freedom of exploring the yet unknown and bring new ideas and therefore new possibilities to people that wish to be inspired and expand in this life, that wish to move the world forward for themselves, their descendants, the society. My desire has always been to help those who want to open their hearts and minds and create a wonderful life for themselves, as that will in return make this world more wonderful for all of us.

Happiness, health, joy, and success of others has always made me the happiest, not only from my personal point of view or my perspective as an artist, but also from a position of "myself" being a healer. 

I believe that not everyone is for everyone here in this world, but I also believe there is someone for everyone, that no one is ultimately alone, no matter where they currently are in life, whether on top or bottom, that everyone has a purpose, and the purpose has its place in our civilisation. I have always deeply desired to help connect the world in an intelligent, loving and ever-expansive way, to help awaken strength and real profound confidence in people; like that, it is easy to see how infinitely, healthily expansive, creative, and rich humankind is. For this, I am always here, and I gladly receive, I gladly give.

With respect, love, and gratitude to all of you for your refined, sophisticated, and gentle presence,
Vladimira Krckova